To help gear up for the 2023 season kick off we have arrange for trial games to be held at our ground at Parkside Drive Reserve on the weekend of the 11th and 12th of March.

Please find your allocated games / times below. As the normal procedure that take place during the year the teams that are first and last on each field are responsible for Set Up and Pack up of their respective fields, a committee member will be available to assist teams who are unsure of what is needed on the day. Reminder that it is a WHOLE TEAM effort to complete this and not the responsibility of one individual.

Please ensure you arrive 30min prior to your match to allow for field set up and to also ensure games are running on time and to schedule.

Saturday 11th March

U6’s – Small Sided Field 1
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC 6B 1RAMS 6B 1
9:40amCPFC 6B 2RAMS 6B 2
10:30amCPFC 6B 3RAMS 6B 3
11:20amCPFC 6B 4RAMS 7B3
12:00pmRAMS 6 GirlsRAMS 7 Girls
U7’s – Small Sided Field 2
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC 7B 1RAMS 7B 1
9:40amCPFC 7B 2RAMS 7B 2
10:30amCPFC 7B 3RAMS 7B 3
11:20amRAMS 7I 1RAMS 7I 2
U8’s / U9’s – Mini Field
TimeHome TeamAway Team
8:30amCPFC 8B 1RAMS 8B 1
9:15amCPFC 8B 2RAMS 8B 2
10:00amCPFC 9RAMS 9B 1
10:45amRAMS 9B 2RAMS 9B 3
11:30amRAMS 9G 1RAMS 9G2
U10’s / U11’s / U12’s (Mixed) Midi Field
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC 10BRAMS 10B
10:00amCPFC 10 IntRAMS 10 Adv
11:00amCPFC 11RAMS 11 Beg
12:00amRAMS 12ARAMS 12B
U13’s – U18’s – Main Field
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC U13BRAMS U13B
10:00amCPFC U13CRAMS U14C
11:15amCPFC U16RAMS U16
12:30pmCPFC U18RAMS U18

Sunday 12th March

Main Field
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC U14 GirlsRAMS U14 Girls
11:00amCPFC O35DRAMS O35
1:00pmCPFC O35BBonnet Bay
Midi Field
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC U12 GirlsRAMS U12 Girls
10:00amRAMS U10 GirlsRAMS U10 Girls