Our Under 11s Warriors team made quite an impression at their first Gala Day at FNSW  HQ on Sat June 14 . From on field performances playing 5 games through to medal presentations with special guests, ST G flew the red, white & maroon very proudly. A special highlight was the appearance of the signature symbol of The St G Legend- the mighty sword which we all know slayed the dragon…However, swords  weren’t needed on field, the skills did the talking….however a coach v team sword battle was an off field highlight! And even a coach v coach sword battle as well…lots of fun for all… Thanks to both team coaches Mel & Fitzy for accompanying the team, great day had by all. As a result, FNSW Chairman Mr Greg O’ Rourke is paying Carss Park  FC & The St G Warriors a special visit on Sat June 27. We look forward to hosting him on the day & displaying both teams’on field sportsmanship. Fantastic ist Gala experience! Thankyou FNSW & The Football For All Team for a wonderful day!

Photos here