Carss Park Football Club has been a long time supporter of the SGFRA. If you come down to our home ground on a Thursday night, you are more than likely to see the referee’s training on Charles Pirie or using our clubhouse. A number SGFRA referee’s have come from Carss Park, and notibly, as stated on our “about us” page, an ex Carss Park player Matthew Breeze made it as far as becoming an A’League Referee.

The St George Football Referees Association is looking for people interested in becoming a referee. Click on the links below for more information.

SGFRA – Open Letter to Clubs

SGFRA – Second Referee Course

Take note that the SGFRA is also looking for 12 – 13 years old to start a referee training program beginning with the small sided games.

SGFRA – Small Sided Games Referee Course