Congratulations to the 16 coaches that attended, and passed, the Skills Training Certificate this week, which was run by the SGFA Technical Director, Aytek Genc.

Many thanks to our under 12B’s, who were the “test dummies” for our coaches on Tuesday night.

A special thank you also to Aytek Genc, for making time in his busy schedule to run the session for our coaches and sharing his knowledge with this group.

And it went to show during last nights coaching sessions. The new knowledge bestowed on our coaches was in full action down at the grounds. Well done to you all.

The CPFC committee appreciates our coaches taking the time to attend this course, and ensuring that our players are being taught the correct techniques, whilst having fun and making training sessions more enjoyable for everyone.

For those that have missed out on this course, there are plenty more courses held throughout the year, so if you haven’t yet attended a coaching course, please contact us and we will advise you as to the options available to you.

Congratulations, and keep up the great work team.

Yours in football,
CPFC committee.