Dear CPFC Community,
What a great weekernd for CPFC Senior & Junior Presentations, lots of awards, recognition of teams, individuals, Coaches & Managers. other supporters.
In addition, our club raised $1,000.05 for Football United, supporting under priviledged young players across NSW & donated a number of pre loved boots to them as well. This has kicked off The SGFA donation spearheaded by Aytek Genc GM of Football for our area. Carss Park should be very proud of its community spirit.
I am stepping down as Publicity & Sponsorship person at our club due to health & work reasons, our children are older & in fact none were at the club this season, but may be never know…
I would really love to see a committee of newer & younger fanilies step in from across the 6-10 years families in particular. I am happy to mentor through in 2014 & assist. If you could please consider this role collectively & attend tonight’s meeting & AGM I am happy to talk through& support you all through the process for 2014.
My no. is 0425 296 917. Come along with a friend & consider supporting our club.
Feel free to text me your interest or come along tonight to see how you could help.

Thankyou for years of support.

Penny Hancock