With the 2021 season now underway for our Competition teams there is still a week available for our Junior Non Comp teams to get a trial games under their belt.

Please find below times for Saturday the 10th of April with these games taking place at our home ground.  Teams are encouraged to help each other out where possible in the event of short numbers so that all teams are able to have a run.

Saturday 10th April
U6’s / U7’s
Small Sided Field 1
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC 6B1CPFC 6B2
9:40amCPFC 6B3CPFC 7B2
10:30amCPFC 7B1CPFC 7B3
11:20amCPFC 7B3CPFC 7B4
U8’s / U9’s
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC 8B1CPFC 8B2
9:40amCPFC 8B3CPFC 8B5
10:30amCPFC 8B4CPFC 8B6
11:20amCPFC 9Int1CPFC 9Int2
U10’s / U11’s Boys
TimeHome TeamAway Team
11:10amCPFC 10BegCPFC 11Beg