The following Grounds are CLOSED by Council for Saturday. Some games have been moved to other fields, please see below.

Harold Fraser

Poulton No:1(only)

Claydon Mini(only)

Charles Pirie Main(only)

Penshurst Park Main, Mini & SSG (All)

Gannon’s Park All fields

Oatley Park


Please note the following Changes: 

18/06/11CARS-12C Carss ParkLUGA-12C LugarnoRiverwood No:108:40AM
18/06/11CARS-13A Carss ParkCONN-13A Connells PointRiverwood No:109:45AM
18/06/11CARS-17A Carss ParkHURG-17A Hurstville GloryRiverwood No:111:00AM
18/06/11CARS-AAAR Carss ParkOAT-AAAR Oatley RSLNO Game
18/06/11CARS-AAA Carss ParkOAT-AAA Oatley RSLNo Game

18/06/11CONN-17A Connells PointSANS-17A Sans SouciRiverwood No: 29.45AM
18/06/11CARL-AABR Carlton RoversPENS-AABR Penshurst WestNO Game
18/06/11CARL-AAB Carlton RoversPENS-AAB Penshurst WestNO Game

18/06/11CONN-11C Connells PointFORR-11C Forest RangersOlds Park09:00AM

18/06/11CONN-12A Connells PointBEVH-12A Beverly HillsOlds Park10:10AM
18/06/11CONN-14A Connells PointLUGA-14A LugarnoNO Game
18/06/11CONN-PLR Connells PointSANS-PLR1 Sans Souci (1)NO Game
18/06/11CONN-PL1 Connells PointSANS-PL1 Sans Souci (1)NO Game

The following Grounds are CLOSED for Sunday. The games set down on the fields listed below will be moved to other fields for Sunday 19th June.
Poulton No:1(only)
Hurstville Oval

Penshurst Park Main
Gannon’s All Fields

Oatley Park