Team bonding Sessions
Dear CPFC Community,
It has been an unfortunate couple of weeks weather wise, which has closed most, if not all, of the grounds in the St George area.
We apologise for your teams not being able to train at our home ground during these times.
The weather does not seem to be improving for the rest of the week, so we highly encourage you all to make alternate arrangements for your teams, not only for the rest of this week, but possibly even for the beginning of next week.
The players and teams bonding sessions are of great value to everyone, and it gives you alternative things to do whilst you wait for the weather to make up it’s mind.
These events could be things such as, training at an alternate venue, such as an indoor sports courts

5 aside soccer – fivesports – 5sports

…just to list a few local indoor venues.
Maybe have a pizza night or go bowling…
AMF bowling – There’s a centre near you – AMF Bowling

…or a trip to the movies is always good.

Perhaps laser tag is more your scene…

…or even going to skyzone, an indoor trampoline park (so much fun!!)
The possibilities are endless.
Just little things to get the kids out and socialising in their groups instead of being stuck at home during “football training” nights.
We thank you for your understanding.
CPFC Committee