Ground closures as of 8:30pm Friday 22nd are listed below.

After inspection by home clubs, other grounds may be closed Saturday morning.

Please ensure you check the DRAW for time / ground changes.

Field CodeField NameDateClub Name
ADOR AVEAdor Avenue23/05/15Ramsgate RSL
ARN PK SSF 1Arncliffe Park SSF 123/05/15Arncliffe Aurora
ARN PK SSF 2Arncliffe Park SSF 223/05/15Arncliffe Aurora
ARNCLIFFE PKArncliffe Park23/05/15Arncliffe Aurora
AS TANNER MIDIAS Tanner Reserve23/05/15Ramsgate RSL
AS TANNER MINIAS Tanner Mini23/05/15Ramsgate RSL
AS TANNER SSFAS Tanner Res SSF23/05/15Ramsgate RSL
GARDINER MIDIGardiner Park Midi23/05/15Banksia Tigers
GARDINER MINIGardienr Park Mini23/05/15Banksia Tigers
GARDINER PKGardiner Park23/05/15Banksia Tigers
GARDINER SSFGardiner Park SSF23/05/15Banksia Tigers
H. FRASERHarold Fraser Park23/05/15Carlton Rovers
J GRAHAMJ Graham Park23/05/15Rockdale City Raiders
J GRAHAM SSFJ Graham SSF23/05/15Rockdale City Raiders
KINGS AV MINIKingsgrove Ave Mini23/05/15Bexley North Bombers
KINGS AV SSFKingsgrove Ave SSF23/05/15Bexley North Bombers
KINGS AVEKingsgrove Avenue23/05/15Bexley North Bombers
MEMORIAL PKMemorial Park23/05/15Dolls Point
POULTON NO 1Poulton Pk No 123/05/15Connells Point Rovers
POULTON NO 1Poulton Pk No 123/05/15Connells Point Rovers
POULTON NO 2Poulton Pk No 223/05/15Connells Point Rovers
QUARRY MINI 1Quarry Res Mini No 123/05/15Connells Point Rovers
QUARRY MINI 2Quarry Res Mini No 223/05/15Connells Point Rovers
RENOWN MINIRenown Mini23/05/15Oatley RSL
RENOWN SSFRenown SSF23/05/15Oatley RSL
SCARB 5Scarborough No 523/05/15Kogarah Waratah
SCARB 5 MINI23/05/15Ramsgate RSL
SCARB 7Scarborough No 723/05/15Kogarah Waratah
SCARB 7 MINIScarb No 7 Mini23/05/15Kogarah Waratah
SCARB 7 SSFScarb No 7 SSF23/05/15Kogarah Waratah
SCARB MIDIScarb Park Midi23/05/15Kogarah Waratah
SCARB NTHScarborough Pk North23/05/15Scots FC
SCARBNTH SSFScarborough North SSF23/05/15Scots FC
SCRABNTH MINIScarborough North MINI23/05/15Scots FC