Congratulations to all players, coaches, managers and families on the great work achieved on and off the field so far this year. It is wonderful to see so many young people and parents enjoying the sport of soccer,learning new skills & making new friendships.

The Year to Date:

** February- enthusiastic players signing up, sorting teams, coaches, managers, trainings begin, committee late nights, exhausted registrar….

** March – training continues, Local Derby Carss-Connells Challenge, The Ringo Cup all age 6 a side Memorial Cup, committee even later nights, a more exhausted registrar!

** April – the season begins, bbq brekkies, match sheet madness, set-up-pack up, learning to put goals together, earlier committee nights, a more relaxed registrar….. EASTER!

** May- State Cup entries for our Under 15s & Under 21s teams, Under

14 girls our star performers…

** June- Under 21s continue in to Round 3 of The State Cup… The Annual Club Dinner June 25…..

**July, August, September…..???… WATCH THIS SPACE….. To be continued…..

The Annual Club Dinner

June 25 is fast approaching and I look forward to seeing many of you in support of your children & our club. It is the expectation that all teams are represented by one or both parents & friends of the club.

As many of our age groups (6s, 7s, 12s, 15s, all age women, all age Ds) have been sponsored this year and training gear also provided to the 15s & 12s, your attendance especially would be greatly appreciated.

This Sat/Sun 4th/5th – please let your managers know of your attendance.

All money by the weekend of the 11th, 12th, 13th. Thankyou!

Team Baskets

All teams, age groups are being asked this year to provide a themed basket as a prize for our dinner.

Please assist your team with a small donation or many teams are putting in a small amount ie/ $5 and are group purchasing- whatever is easier-.

** Baskets/Boxes need to be dropped in to the clubhouse on the weekend of June 18/19 (or earlier if done) to the canteen if open- or to 40 Benwerrin Ave Carss Park on the Sat/Sun after 3pm of that weekend-thankyou.

Coaches & Managers Meeting

This Monday – June 6th @ Clubhouse 7PM. Please bring your team folders – half hour only.

Yours in sport

Darryl Hancock


On behalf of the CPFC Committee