Sydney FC and St George recently signed a landmark agreement that will provide each with a raft of new and far reaching benefits.  The centrepiece of the three-year agreement is that every child aged 12 years or under and registered with SGFA can sign up for the free Sydney FC Junior Blues Membership, which gives him/her free entrance to all remaining 14 Sydney FC home games in the 2010/11 Hyundai A-League season!

The only thing you (as a parent or guardian) have to do is take two minutes and sign your child(ren) up for the free Junior Blues Membership on , with no strings attached. Sydney FC only asks you a few days before each home game to let them know if your son/daughter will show up at the game (you will receive an email to which you can simply reply), so that Sydney FC can service as many Junior Blues Members as possible.

As a parent you don’t have to sign up as a Sydney FC Member. If you want to accompany your kid(s), you can simply buy a Category C ticket for that home game, allowing you to sit next to your son/daughter in the designated bays (unreserved seating). And if you want to bring more Junior Blues Members to a game, for example the other kids of your son’s/daughter’s team who have signed up for the Junior Blues Membership, you can bring them all. If another parent or guardian wants to take your child to a game, and you are happy with it, they are more than welcome. You can even buy one or two Bronze Memberships that can be circulated between parents, as they are transferable amongst parents/guardians. Visit for all Sydney FC Memberships.

Feel free to inform your son’s or daughter’s team manager about the free Junior Blues Membership, and of course all parents of your child(ren)’s team mates. Or, indeed, any other friends who have children aged 12 and under who play with a Club within SGFA.

We share a great relationship with Sydney FC. It would be fantastic to see many hundreds of our local juniors get behind the A-League champions!