With the recent sunshine we have had over the last week we are happy to announce that training can commence from today Tuesday 19th of April.

While the ground is drying out there are still a number of areas that we ask our teams to be mindful of and steer clear of as per below:

Small Sided / Mini / South Channel: The council has still mowed the grass in this area due to the underlying water and saturation of the substructure, this area is not suitable for training.

Midi / North Channel: The grass in this section is a little long but can still be used, please be careful of the area near the old wooden light pole near the canal, this area is extremely long and uncut as well as having deep track marks due to a vehicle becoming bogged.

Main Field: Our main field is in better condition compared to the rest of our ground, having said this there are still areas of standing water that need to be avoided. Access to the main field via the clubhouse stairs / ramp has been closed as well as a large section in front of the clubhouse sectioned off due to the large amounts of water / mud that is still present. The sideline closest to the club house is also very heavy with standing water still present. The 18 yard box on the left hand side of the main field (near SS/Mini area) is also still heavy under foot and should be avoided.

Teams that are training are asked to work together and share designated training areas at this time so that we can get as many teams onto the ground to train as possible, we are hoping that our field will dry out and that the grass is able to be cut as soon as possible so that we can use all available area.

Unfortunately there is more rain predicted this week and while we hope it is minimal we will keep everyone updated on the ground conditions.