Due to regrades in some age divisions, the draw has been changed. Please ensure you check the draw and confirm your game this weekend.

Dear Member Clubs,

We advise that SGFA Board met on Tuesday night 7 May to expressly review and discuss the possible Regrading of Teams as per the 2013 By-Laws.

The initial review comprised all of the U10 grade Competitions as per By-Law Part 2, clause Grading of Teams 2 (i).

In addition, the Board reviewed all other Competitions focussing on standings and results for each grade (excluding squads) and as result has deemed it necessary to use its powers of discretion provided in By-Law Part 2, clause Grading of Teams 2 (f). When actioning this review the Board used the following By-Laws : Part 2, clause Grading of Teams 2 (f,g & h) and clause 18 Competition Structure 18 c (vi) which provides various guidelines that are to be observed in making our decisions. We note that some grades were not reviewed in this round due to the delay in all teams playing the same amount of games, these will be reviewed on Monday 13th May.

Meantime, today the clubs/teams affected by the Board decisions will be notified by the SGFA Secretary of the Regrading changes and the process that must be adhered to today in order for the necessary changes to be completed in time to upload and issue the revised draw plus prepare the replacement player ID cards for these teams.

Your urgent attention and cooperation with the request is appreciated as we strive to implement the required changes.

It is important to note that the Board has made these decisions utilising as much information as possible and with an overriding view to maintain equitable competition in each grade. We understand that some clubs/teams may not agree with the changes arising from this review but please note the decision(s) by the Board will stand, effective immediately.


SGFA Board of Directors.