Trial games have been set for the weekend 27/28th March, schedule as detailed below.

Please check with your coach / manager what time you’re expected to be at the field for warm up.

Small Sided Field 1
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC 6B 1RAMS 6B 1
9:40amCPFC 6B 2RAMS 6B 2
10:30amCPFC 6B 3RAMS 6B 3
11:20amRAMS 6B 4RAMS 6B 5
12:00pmRAMS 6B 6RAMS 6B 7
Small Sided Field 2
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC 7B 1RAMS 7B 1
9:40amCPFC 7B 2RAMS 7B 2
10:30amCPFC 7B 3RAMS 7I 1
11:20amCPFC 7B 4RAMS 7I 2
12:00pmRAMS 7 GirlsRAMS 6 Girls
U8’s / U9’s
Mini (15min Half)
TimeHome TeamAway Team
8:30amCPFC 8B 1CPFC 8B 2
9:15amRAMS 8B Girls 1RAMS 8B Girls 2
10:00amCPFC 8B 3RAMS 8B 1
10:45amCPFC 8B 4RAMS 8B 2
11:30amCPFC 8B 5RAMS 8 Int
12:15pmCPFC 8B 6RAMS 9B Girls 1
1:00pmCPFC 9 Int 1RAMS 9B 1
1:45pmCPFC 9 Int 2RAMS 9B 2
2:30pmCPFC 9 AdvRAMS 9 Int
U10’s / U11’s / U12’s Boys
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC 10 BegRAMS 10 Beg
10:00amCPFC 11 BegRAMS 10 Int
11:00amCPFC 11 IntRAMS 11 Beg
12:00pmCPFC 12BRAMS 12C
1:00pmCPFC 12ARAMS 12B
Comp Teams – Saturday 27th
Main Field
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC U13’sRAMS U13
10:00amCPFC U14’sRAMS U14
11:15amCPFC U15’sRAMS U15
12:30pmCPFC U16’sRAMS U17
Sunday 28th
Main Field
TimeHome TeamAway Team
Midi – Junior Girls
TimeHome TeamAway Team
9:00amCPFC U10 GirlsRAMS U10 Girls
10:00amCPFC U11 GirlsRAMS U11 Girls
11:00amCPFC U12 GirlsRAMS U 12 Girls