Dear Local Business Owner

RE: Carss Park Football Club Opportunities

We are very pleased to be able to present to you our 2015 Sponsorship Packages – see attached.  We have spent some time benchmarking our packages and costs against other clubs in the area and we are pleased to advise that we still offer the best value and most cost effective  packages.  Sponsorship is vital for our continued work and success and it also offers local business, like yours, the opportunity to align with a grass roots sports program and promote your business to our large local network of players, families and community.

Carss Park Football Club isa growing club with excellent junior numbers, we have the only Centre of Excellence coaches who are based at the club, we have the only “Special Needs’ football program in the area and we have a highly regarded reputation as the premier and oldest club in the Association.  We also have regular articles in the St George Leader which further promotes our club.

At Carss Park FC, we are very proud to provide to our local community a long and successful tradition of both park football and a pathway to further representative opportunities. We have a family friendly ethos based on fun, fitness, football and friendship. Carss Park FC has a well-recognized and long standing sporting reputation as one of the most respected, founding members of St George Football and is known for its commitment to grassroots and elite football pathways and its relationships both on and off field with local, elite business partners.

There approximately 500 registered soccer players in the Carss Park Football Club and sponsorship would provide exposure to these players and their families and show commitment to community and social responsibility. According to the Census figures, the main demographic of these families is; high median income, over represented in terms of educational qualification, high rates of employment especially in the professional sector, median age of 40 with an average of two children and average of two vehicles per family.  The main demographic of those involved in the club are:

Professionals/entrepreneurs [lawyers, doctors, accountants, company directors and so on] and tradespersons in the 40-50 age group with young children.

Please contact me by Sunday 1st February 2015 or sooner as we need to allow sufficient time for printing and signage purposes in order to achieve maximum results. Feel free to contact me with any enquiries via email or phone 0409 995 906.

Looking forward to hearing from you and building a mutually beneficial partnership for players, teams, the club community, businesses and beyond.

Nadine Giatras

On behalf of the CPFC Committee