Non Competition

Day/Times (February 2012)

Under 6 – min 4

Saturday 11th  9am

Under 7 – min 4

Saturday 11th 11am

Under 8 – min 7

Saturday 11th 1pm

Under 9 – min 7

Saturday 11th 3pm







Under 12, 14, 16  – min 11

Sunday 12th 9am





Under10 – min 11

Sunday 12th  9am

Under11 – min 11

Sunday 12th   11am   

Under 12 – min 11

Sunday 12th 11am

Under 13 – min 11

Sunday 12th  1pm

Under14 – min 11

Sunday 12th 1pm

Under 15 – min 11

Sunday 12th 1pm

Under 16 – min 11

Sunday 12th 3pm

Under 17- min 11

Sunday 12th 3pm

Under 18- min 11

Sunday 12th 3pm


Senior Club


All Age A – Es

Sunday 12th  4:30pm

All Age Womens

Sunday 12th  4:30pm

 Over 35s

Sunday 12th  9am



CPFC grading policy is:

  • All players MUST wear SHINPADS and FOOTBALL BOOTS during grading
  • Please be at club house 15minutes before set time.
  • Grade all competition age players into teams matching their skill level from under 8 and above
  • Players can play with a friend(s) in under 6/7s but  also have the opportunity to be graded
  • 2011 team coaches should attend to assist with 2012 grading.
  • One parent/guardian per child must stay during your child’s grading time.
  • Parents MUST nominate for Coaching and Managing roles for their child’s team.
  • If you cannot attend your grading time, email the Club Coach asap.

CPFC also suggests that players bring a full water bottle marked with the players name.

CPFC encourages the use of sunscreen with minimum SPF of 30+

Detailed Grading Policy