We’d like to congratulate you all on such a great start to the season so far, and thank you all for your time and efforts.
We’d also like to take this opportunity for a little bit of house keeping.
Match Sheets
Can we ensure that all match sheets are filled in correctly including the club name above the players list. (sample)
Entering the Field of Play
Can we please remind all coaches and managers that the only time anyone other then players are permitted onto the field are when the referee invites the RTO of the day onto the field to administer assistance to an injured player. We as a committee and many of us parents as well know that parental instincts take over when our child is injured or there is another issue on the field. However we cannot run onto the field under any circumstances as this will result in potential fines and suspension and forfeits for your team. If there is a serious injury involving your child please let your RTO assist your child and ask the referee if further assistance can be rendered. If any RTO has any doubt about severity of injury please contact an ambulance service immediately.
If any other issues arise on the field like a verbal or physical altercation please let the referee take control of the matter. I know it is hard as a parent to stay on the outside of the ropes however we need to let the referee take control of the incident. HOWEVER we do have orange vested officials that can take control of situations if the need arises and the referee requires further assistance.
Again thank you for you continued support and time in making CPFC a wonderful environment for all our players.
Yours in Sport
Carss Park Football Club Committee