Dear Carss Park Members

As you will all be aware, The Carss Park Football Club recently held it’s annual AGM to elect the Executive Committee for the 2016 season.
Carss Park Football Club would like to introduce your Executive Committee for the 2016 season.

President : Goran Rudar
Vice President : Mark Assirati
Secretary: Jason Hunt
Treasurer: Goran Rudar
Ordinary Member 1: Melissa Pike (Canteen Manager)
Ordinary Member 2: Paola Mercuri (Registrar)
Ordinary Member 3: Con Sotiralis (Publicity and Grants)

As there was a concern raised at the election, this committee is an interim committee at this stage.
The Carss Park Committee is working through the concerns that arose at the AGM on Monday to ensure that we have the best possible outcome for our Carss Park Members, players, sponsors and supporters.

A further update announcement will be forthcoming within the next seven (7) working days.  

There will also be other positions to be filled in our Non Executive positions.

The Committee would like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone for their efforts in season 2015.

Yours In Sport
Goran Rudar
on behalf of Carss Park Football Club interim Executive Committee