Dear Carss Park Members

Further to our AGM update of the 17th September 2015.

The Carss Park Football Club would like to now introduce your Executive Committee for the 2016 season.

President : Goran Rudar
Vice President : Mark Assirati
Secretary: Jason Hunt
Treasurer: Goran Rudar
Ordinary Member 1: Melissa Pike (Canteen Manager)
Ordinary Member 2: Paola Mercuri (Registrar)
Ordinary Member 3: Con Sotiralis (Publicity and Grants)

The Executive Committee would like to welcome the following people into roles for 2016 as well as advertise vacancies in positions for 2016

Senior Coordinator : Position Vacant
Junior Coordinator : Michelle Allen
Womens Coordinator : Sam Poposki
Social Media Manager : John Kapaniris
Gear Steward : Bex Simon
Grounds : Position Vacant
Scores Coordinator: Dina Liontis

Anyone wishing to be the Senior Coordinator or looking after the grounds for season 2016 please email :

The Committee would like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone for volunteering their time for the 2015 season and we look forward to seeing you all back in 2016.  

Yours In Sport
Goran Rudar
on behalf of Carss Park Football Club Executive Committee.