On the 6th of December we held our Annual AGM at the clubhouse to round out the year and say thank you to our coaches, managers and volunteers for the 2021 season.


As part of the evening we thanked the outgoing committee of 2021 for their efforts in a season that was again affected and none more so than that given to our outgoing President Carlo Tini who will be enjoying some much needed down time!

Carlo has had a long history with the club as a parent, player, coach and former committee member and again he joined the executive committee as President in 2017. Carlo assisted the club in growing and reaching many achievements of those years including a new club house, coaching a number of junior teams, the expansion of our junior girl numbers as well as providing guidance and mentoring to a number of players, coaches and committee members over the years.  Carlo wished to thank the club and its members for the his time and promised to be back on Saturday mornings for breakfast at the canteen and to watch the next group of upcoming football stars.

To close off the evening our new committee for 2022 was elected with a number of new faces joining which is always a positive, the new committee look forward to the new challenges ahead and the new season.

There are still position’s that need to be filled as per above and we would like to reach out to the greater Carss Park Community or an expression of interest in these positions.  If you are able to assist in any capacity, we are grateful for all the assistance available.  If are interested please send as an email at , or contact us via our social media platforms and we will get in contact with you.


President – Elvis Poposki
Vice President – Rocky Perugini
Secretary – Con Sotiralis
Treasurer – Guy Furguson
Ordinary Office – Nadia Neems
Ordinary Office – Billy Kirk
Ordinary Office – Richard Palonis


Assistant Secretary – Danielle Lewandowski
Registrar – VACANT
Assistant Registrar – 
Nadia Neems
Senior Coordinator – A
rthur Metsikas
Junior Coordinator – 
Richard Palonis
Female Coordinator – Maria Milicevic
Gear Steward – VACANT
Grounds Manager – VACANT

Technical Director – 
Billy Kirk
Sponsorship Manager – 
Ces Bazan / Richard Palonis
Social Committee – Dina Leontios, Nadia Khan
Information Technology Admin – John Kap